Inline Bearing Technology

ZeroDrag Bearings are designed to be the 'best of the class' for every skating category; racing, hockey, competitive, or fitness. Although constructed with a number of advanced innovations, ZeroDrag Bearings are still remarkably competitive in price. Tack on the design features described on this page and you’re skating at the max from recreational workouts to record-breaking speed times. 

ZeroDrag Bearings incorporate advanced design in 5 vital bearing component areas. These factors directly affect skating performance.

Raceway Finish
ZeroDrag Bearings feature raceways that are 2 1/2 times smoother than those built into other brands. Result: less drag and faster skating!

Raceway Depth
ZeroDrag raceways are substantially deeper producing long-lasting superior performance. Significantly more effective for skating maneuvers such as making crossover strides and split second hockey turns.

Ball Grade
The surface finish and roundness of the ball. The lower the grade number, the better it is. ZeroDrag balls register in grades 5 through 10. Other bearings’ balls range from 17 through 28. Bottom line we have better balls!!!!


The coverings of the bearing. Zero Drag Bearings use non-contact double-sided buna-rubber seals which are easily removed and replaced for cleaning. These seals keep out most contaminants and are designed to eliminate ball contact.

ZeroDrag ZX312 lubricant is an exclusive space age oil with a heavy rust inhibitor. The oil is extremely lightweight, maintains exceptionally long life and is environmentally safe…even while providing unparalleled smoothness.

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